Hand-crafted surfwear, made in Wales,
in our little studio by the sea
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What we do
We are a small company, handcrafting products in our little studio by the sea in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Each piece is designed hand screen printed, cut and stitched by us in small batches based on our own artwork, making each garment unique.
Our clothing is expressive and individual, we put importance in quality, durability and warmth.
We want our hoodies to be the first thing you reach for on a cold, blustery day. Our leggings and lighter garments become everyday essentials and our accessories brighten up any outfit or home.
We care about where our fabrics originate from and try to source as much as possible from British suppliers. We try to reuse and recycle whenever we can and many of our accessories are made from the offcuts from our larger products, we also donate offcuts to local schools and clubs.
We don’t want to be a company that mass produces products, but want our business to be a living thing, made by the people who build it and the customers who support us.

During our busy festival season stock items may sell out on here as every item is ‘one of a kind’, but we may well have more items made up which haven’t quite made their way to the photo studio or website yet! So if you are looking for something in your size please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to let you know what we have ready to go or we will make it for you as quickly as possible!

iSea Surf Adventures

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PRODUCT RECALL - A very small amount of our hand printed fabric is unfortunately faulty due to a bad batch of ink from our supplier. It may affect your item if you purchased it between October 23rd-December 12th with blue, teal, turquoise or pink ink on bright or dark coloured fabric please CONTACT US if you notice any fading or the ink washing off as it should not do this. We will replace any faulty products as soon as possible, we are working with our ink supplier to rectify the problem. Please note there will only be a very small number of items affected as we caught the problem pretty quickly due to a lovely customer alerting us! All other colours and items are problem free so don't let this put you off buying our products, we have used these inks for 9 years with no issues so hopefully this is just a tiny blip!! Dismiss