Hand-crafted surfwear, made in Wales,
in our little studio by the sea
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We mix all our own inks using a water based pigment and binder system. This means we can create hundreds of unique colours. This also means we don’t need to use any nasty chemicals to clean up after printing.

All our artwork is created in-house from hand drawings and photographs. We then develop the images onto screens using a photographic process that creates a stencil.

We buy in rolls of pre-dyed cotton jersey fabric which we then screen print by hand. Once the fabric is air dried we then heat fix it using an iron.

All our garments are designed by us. Once we have created a pattern, each garment is graded into multiple sizes. The pattern is then placed onto the printed jersey fabric and cut by hand. Doing this allows a great flexibility for placement of the prints.
Our fleece is rolled out in layers of colours and cut using a large scary electric knife, though sometimes we cut it with scissors as well.

Currently we have 4 industrial sewing machines, two that stitch the seams and two that give a professional top stitched finish. We also machine stitch button holes and tabs to strengthen pocket edges and maintain a high level of quality.
We make our self covered buttons using fabric offcuts to match each garment and also make draw threads on the adult hoodies using jersey offcuts.

The majority of our product photography is done outside in our little glass studio. We sourced an old wooden crate and recycled it as a backdrop and all our photos are taken in natural lighting which we feel supports the ethos of our company and the way our products have been designed, to be part of an outdoors lifestyle.

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