Hand-crafted surfwear, made in Wales,
in our little studio by the sea
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We encourage you to send back your old, used iSea Surfwear products, especially if your children have simply outgrown them. We will either repair and resell them or recycle them into new products. In return you will receive store credit based on the condition of the product returned. We try to reuse and recycle whenever we can and many of our accessories are made from the offcuts from our larger products, we also donate offcuts to local schools and clubs.
We believe that nothing should go to waste so our recycle scheme aims to make sure that clothes which can still be used don’t get thrown away.

We can also repair your iSea Surfwear garment at a small cost, replace buttons, renew cuffs, sew on patches. We want you to get as much wear as possible.

Earn up to £10 store credit per item (depending on the condition of the garment.) We want to give something back to you for supporting us.

Kids grow fast and it’s not long before they have grown out of their hoodies or leggings. By trading in you can receive money off new items or why not browse our resale section of second hand items?
We make any necessary repairs to all the garments we receive, and hope that they will go on to live happily in their new home!

You can find our renewed and recycled products here.

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