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Happy World Oceans Day


We love the oceans! A lot of inspiration for our designs comes from the Oceans and coastal areas in Pembrokeshire and right across the world. Lots of the sea scape drawings were inspired by travelling in Australia and Cuba, I’m always armed with a camera, sketch book and plenty of pens!

Surfers at Freshwater West, PembrokeshireSeven interesting facts about our Oceans:

1. Around 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans

2. The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean, covering around 30% of the Earth’s surface

3. The world’s oceans are home to incredible creatures that are masters of disguise! Take a look for yourself…

4. The longest mountain range in the world is found under water. Stretching over 56,000km, the Mid-Oceanic Ridge is a mountain chain that runs along the centre of the ocean basins.

5. The sea is home to the world’s largest living structure – the Great Barrier Reef. Measuring around 2,600km, it can even be seen from the Moon!

6. We have only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans. There’s a lot more to be discovered!

7. The sea can be described as the planet’s mega museum. There are more artifacts and remnants of history in the ocean than in all of the world’s museums combined!

For more interesting facts see the link below.


Under the Sea pattern

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