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We’ve just returned from an amazing few days at The Telegraph Outdoor Travel and Camping show, London Bike show, Triathlon show and Oceans Festival (4-in-1!) in London, and one of the best things about the event was that we got to meet so many of you! It was so lovely putting faces to names, and to see your positive reactions to our newest designs and ranges. It really bought home to us how important your feedback is to us. So many of you were interested in hearing our story and how we work, that we thought we’d invite you all in to take a look behind the scenes at iSea, and so we’re launching this blog, so you can get to know us a little better, get an exclusive look at the latest designs before they hit the shelves and see how, why and who brings our creations to life. So, first things first, let’s meet the team…

The creative one

The creative one!

iSea Surfwear grew from Anna’s mission to find the perfect hoodie!

“I’m obsessed with hoodies but couldn’t find anything that had nice prints on decent fabric with a sporty edge, that was kind to the environment, too. So I decided to make my own!”

Her passion for surfing and beach life was a natural fit, and her determination to make great things happen meant running her own business was inevitable. Anna comes up with all the creative artwork and screen prints the designs herself, she often makes the garments from start to finish, especially any custom made-to-measure items, as well as getting stuck in with the cover stitching and finishing off. A self-confessed control-freak, she checks each and every item that leaves the iSea workshop, and her exceptional eye for detail is what ensures our garments are the very best quality around.

The production princess

Cez the production princess

Cez (The production princess)

Cez was the very first employee at iSea and joined us permanently after completing an apprenticeship where she was put through her paces by perfectionist Anna! Cez is our production princess who just can’t be beaten when it comes to overlocking. She’s the one who makes sure your clothes have strong seams and the perfect fit. Cez’s ‘work hard, play hard’ theory of life means she’s great fun to have in the workshop – when she emerges from her pile of sewing that is!


The sane one

Flo, the sane one

Flo (The sane one)

An adrenalin junkie outside of the office, nothing phases our lovely Flo, who keeps us all on track when there’s a show coming up or a big order deadline to meet. The perfect all-rounder, she’s good at everything we throw at her, which usually includes cutting, making buttonholes, sewing and sorting orders. We love the way she finishes your clothes with stitching you can barely see, and the general oasis of calm that she brings to the iSea shores!

“Working at isea surfwear is very rewarding; the process of starting the day with individual pieces of fabric but ending with a complete hoodie is so satisfying. The wide range of products we produce mean the work is always varied and engaging, and our drive towards being environmentally-friendly requires creative thinking, and a willingness to work in innovative ways.”

The supermodel

Jaz (The supermodel)

Jaz (The supermodel)

Jazz is the youngest member of the iSea crew – and chief product tester. Her love of surfing and no fear attitude means our kids clothing range is bomb-proof! She has very strong ideas on what she likes to wear and isn’t shy about giving her opinion on what we should be making and wearing for the season ahead too. She’s an absolutely beautiful model and has been a happy member of the team since she was three years old. She’s also very good at making those all important cups of tea!

So that’s us! We work out of a gorgeous workshop in beautiful Amroth, which we’ll be showing you around soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about the iSea team and see our latest range at www.iseasurfwear.co.uk

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